Wagecorp Payroll Management receives its Full Gangmasters & Labour Abuse Authority Licence.

We are delighted to announce that wagecorp has received its full Gangmasters & Labour Abuse Authority Licence (GLAA), Licence Number WAGE0001.

The role of the GLAA is to protect vulnerable and exploited workers. Through the intelligence the GLAA receives from their inspections, the public, industry and other government departments, the GLAA investigate reports of worker exploitation and illegal activity such as human trafficking, forced labour and illegal labour provision, as well as offences under the National Minimum Wage and Employment Agencies Acts.

Wagecorp delivers a wide range of payroll solutions to foreign workers in the United Kingdom, and by receiving the GLAA Licence wagecorp are now Regulated and Licensed to supply labour to agriculture, horticulture, food processing and packaging businesses across the UK.

Wagecorp has an important role to ensure workers always receive fair treatment, the pay, benefits and conditions they are legally entitled to, and we cary out checks to ensure adherence with these standards. By doing so:

  • We are helping protect competition. Labour providers are not undercut by others who may pay less than the minimum wage or avoid taxes and national insurance contributions. Raising industry standards.

  • Labour users are able to check where their workers originate from, the legitimacy of the providers and will be informed if their labour provider’s licence is revoked.

  • By reducing illegal activities such as evasion of VAT, Tax on wages and National Insurance contributions, consumers can be assured that their food has been picked and packaged in an ethical environment.

Paying temporary and long term foreign workers in the UK with wagecorp provides foreign workers with direct access to multi-lingual relationship managers, free accounts and cards for unbanked workers to receive their wages to securely, and access to live-market foreign exchange rates to send money home.

We understand the personal situations of our workers in the UK, we speak their language, and we respect the importance of the work they do.

As a GLAA Licensed supplier of workforce, with in-house PAYE Payroll solutions and a multi-currency prepaid card, wagecorp as the employer of workforce is able to ensure that workers are paid on time every time, establishing trust and partnerships throughout the industries which is built on uninterrupted service delivery.

See our licence here:

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We are Regulated and Licensed by the Gangmasters & Labour Abuse Authority.
Our GLAA Licence No is: WAGE0001.
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