Ensuring employees are being paid correctly, on time.

Ensuring employees are being paid correctly, on time and with the correct deductions is a vital process within any business that builds confidence and commitment within a business.

As a multi-lingual umbrella company, wagecorp keeps employees happy by providing a customer service team that speaks English, Romanian, Polish, Bulgarian and Hungarian.

Wagecorp deals with all aspects of enquiry for its employees, removing the burden of administration from the Agencies we deal with.

Our highly experienced staff deal directly and closely with HMRC on a daily basis and have the knowledge to ensure all our employees affairs are kept up to date.

Managing payroll in-house can create a level of anxiety for employers of foreign nationals as there are always situations where by language can become a barrier, and terminology can be misunderstood, this is something wagecorp appreciates and understands, and as a result we have structured our business in a manner which reduces this stress.

Outsourcing payroll to wagecorp will prove beneficial in many ways and as part of our bespoke multi-lingual services you and your employees can enjoy many benefits from simple explanations as to how PAYE works to assistance with the more complex areas of payroll.

What our Payroll Services include:

  • Multilingual PAYE Umbrella Payroll company designed specifically to support foreign workers in the United Kingdom

  • Multi-Currency Account & Card delivering solutions to Unbanked Workers

  • Ensuring Security, Protection and Financial Independence

  • International Money Transfers at Live-Market Exchange Rates

  • Real Voice Customer Service Support, no automated systems or voice “bots”

  • GLAA License pending, providing reinforcement to our Corporate Governance standards

  • A unique Multi-Service Company under one Group, unseen in the United Kingdom before today

  • Tax and National Insurance Deductions paid to HMRC

  • Multilingual Documentation & Payslips, including Contracts of Employment

  • Continuous Employment on a Single Tax Code, allowing casual work without leaving employment

  • Free Card Replacements, and cash advance contingency plans in the event of “lost cards”

  • Multi-Lingual Customer Service, with dedicated Relationship Managers

  • Additional Assistance & Resource Centre Online

  • Workers are covered by comprehensive Corporate Insurance

  • We remove the language barrier and look after Payroll queries for you, freeing up your time

  • Providing you with a turn key solution, evidencing your business understands the importance of financial security, integration and empathy of Workers situations

  • Agency Network access, providing workers to fulfil workforce demand

  • Single invoice to pay recoding banks cost and processing time, resulting in a reduction in overheads

  • Salary payments upon remittance and receipt by Workers (24 / 7 / 365 ) via our payroll platform

  • Reduced liability, as all workers become Employees of Wagecorp

Further Information

To find out more about how wagecorp can assist you as an employee or as a business considering outsourcing a payroll process, please contact wagecorp at or by telephone to +44 (0) 151 370 0545.

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