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whether you’re starting a new assignment, looking to switch from another umbrella payroll solution or trying to improve your efficiency, you’ll receive unbeatable service provided by a team of multi-lingual payroll experts when you choose wagecorp


We believe our complete service is second-to-none and offers unrivalled value.


Here are a few reasons why:



  • You will be paid via PAYE, meaning we’ll deduct and send all your Tax and National Insurance Contributions to HMRC on your behalf, saving you time and money. This will ensure you remain compliant with UK tax laws. 


  • We not only operate full PAYE payroll, we also operate our own in-house Prepaid Mastercard Card to receive wages to. 


  • We can provide you with live-market exchange rates for those looking to covert currency. We can also send international payments on your behalf.


  • Should you decided to take a break between assignments you can come and go from our umbrella as you please. There are no joining or leaving fees. You are only be required to pay our fee of £22.50 when you submit a timesheet and are paid by us.

Who do we recommend uses an Umbrella Payroll like us​?

Temporary workers typically get paid by either an umbrella company or through their own limited company, often referred to as a personal service company, however IR35 legislation changes will be coming into force (recently delayed) to change this. Ahead of these changes in legislation due to take place, more and more contractors are choosing to use an umbrella for their payroll. This is because umbrella companies are generally regarded as the easiest way for temporary workers to get paid.

Almost every temporary worker in the UK can use an umbrella company for their payroll, but more commonly, umbrellas are the first choice for contractors and freelancers who:

Work in public & private sectors

Earn over £15 per hour or £100 a day

Work on assignments or specialist projects
































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How much does it cost?

£22.50 per week

Avoid the hassle of moving your tax code when you change agency

Simple, pay-as-you-go charging structure with no hidden costs

Your own relationship manager, to help with all aspects of your contracting life

Receiving the right money, at the right time, every time

All Tax and NI paid at source, so no risk of HMRC demanding more in the future



what we do for you

We’ll handle your administration for you, calculating your tax and national insurance deductions, making direct payments to HMRC on your behalf 


We ensure you are paid on-time, we control our own payments and account loading in-house


we provide you with the ability to send international SWIFT, SEPA and local payments in upto 30 currencies


we provide you with your own dedicated relationship manager


faq's answered 

compliance & insurance

We are Regulated and Licensed by the Gangmasters & Labour Abuse Authority.
Our GLAA Licence No is: WAGE0001.
The Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority works in partnership to protect vulnerable and exploited workers. 
We use the standards of the GLAA across all our agency and worker relationships.

you're covered with us

every worker is covered by our company insurance:

professional indemnity     

combined liability           

employers liability             

public liability               




£5 million

£5 million  public liability

£10 million 

£5 million


we're registered with

your data matters


we never share data with any third parties


you have rights to know how your data is being used

you have rights to obtain copies of your data

you have rights to have data deleted


we can provide guidance where necessary on your data and how to protect it 

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We provide payroll security & efficiency for agency workers in the United Kingdom


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We are Regulated and Licensed by the Gangmasters & Labour Abuse Authority.
Our GLAA Licence No is: WAGE0001.
Follow the GLAA here:                                                              

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